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Wikimedia Commons Discussion List 1266 6897
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Wikipedia home is here. 29620 194875
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Mailingliste des Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. / mailing list of the German Wikimedia association 1240 6920
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Research into Wikimedia content and communities 997 3249
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Mailing list for Wikimedia Swizerland 991 2426
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Wiktionary home is here. 206 494
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MediaWiki announcements and site admin list 9240 33089
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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension of MediaWiki – the wiki-system powering Wikipedia – with semantic technology, thus turning it into a semantic wiki. While articles in MediaWiki are just plain texts, SMW allows users to add structured data, comparable to the data one would usually store in a database. SMW uses the fact that such data is already contained in many articles: users just need to "mark" the according places so that the system can extract the relevant data without "understanding" the rest of the text. With this information, SMW can help to search, organise, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content. 6074 20292
by Peter Brooks
This list is for discussing the Wikimedia Toolserver 1306 5804
by Michael Andersen-3
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Mailing list for all Wikimedia projects in Serbian language 54 101
by Ivana Madžarević
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Some folks use various bots to aid in repetitive editing tasks on the Wikimedia sites. This list is for discussion and self-help among bot users. 87 205
by Greg Grossmeier-2
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by Thehelpfulone
mailing-list re wikipedia in interlingua 2 4
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Discussion ` propos de l'association Wikimidia en France 748 2353
by Guillaume Paumier