14 books re-released under CC license during Odisha Day 2014

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14 books re-released under CC license during Odisha Day 2014

Subhashish Panigrahi-4
Dear Wikimedians,

 Apologies for writing this mail in English. CIS-A2K is glad to share with
you the news about the re-release of the below listed 14 books (13 Odia and
1 English) under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license during the Odisha Day 2014 [1]
celebration in Bhubaneswar. This has been done in collaboration with the
Odia Wikipedia community, Manik Biswanath Smrutinyasa and Kalinga Institute
of Social Sciences (KISS). As some of you may know KISS is one our
institutional partners.

1) 11 Odia books by noted writer and academic Dr. Jagannath Mohanty (we
partnered Manik Biswanath Smrutinyasa Trust, founded by Dr. Mohanty for the
2) 2 scholarly books on Odia language by Odia language scholar Subrat
Prusty from Institute of Odia Studies and Research.
3) Classical Odia (in English) co-authored by noted linguist Padmashree
Debiprasanna Pattanayak and Subrat Prusty.

We have also managed to get significant media coverage for this event,
which has got 14 print and web media mentions. [2]  We will continue to
bring much more Odia content under free license as per our next year's Odia
Wikipedia work plan [3] and will try to use it to make the Odia Wikisource
live [4].

1. https://or.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:OD14
2. http://goo.gl/s8gvLl

Subhashish Panigrahi
Programme Officer, Access To Knowledge
Centre for Internet and Society
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