2004 NYT censorship on govt. wiretapping

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2004 NYT censorship on govt. wiretapping


"For an American, the traditional home for the kind of story Snowden was
planning to reveal would have been the New York Times. But during extensive
interviews last week with a Guardian team, he recalled how dismayed he had
been to discover the Times had a great scoop in election year 2004 – that
the Bush administration, post 9/11, allowed the NSA to snoop on US citizens
without warrants – but had sat on it for a year before publishing."

We don't seem to have any info on this particular embargo.


In fact our "news embargo" article doesn't seem to have much info on this
type of censorship, and we apparently don't have a "news censorship"
article yet, just articles on "censorship," "self-censorship," and
"corporate censorship," but little in the way of discussing the subject
from the point of view of news media specifically, which is different from
these others in that it's in the realm of a journalistic ethos regarding
freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

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