2017-07-26 Scrum of Scrums meeting notes

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2017-07-26 Scrum of Scrums meeting notes

Grace Gellerman

= *2017-07-26* =
contact: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Engineering

== Callouts ==
* Reading Web request for Ops: (*URLs with title query string parameter and
additional query string parameters do not redirect to mobile site - *puppet
change https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T154227 )
* Search Platform: Would like some DBA response on
* Parsing: If you are an active editor on any wiki, please get your local
community to address high-priority linter errors on Special:LintErrors page.

== Audiences ==
=== Readers ===
==== iOS native app ====
* Blocked by: none
* Blocking: none
* Updates: 5.6.0 (Reading themes, on this day) goes to public beta this

==== Android native app ====
* *Blocked by:* MobileApp extension merges are blocked by the parser test
failure issue https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T170880 (see also Reading
Web section below)*(resolved)*
* Blocking: n/a
* Updates:
** Cookie release work is all in QA/design review –
** Offline compilations work continues apace –
*** Our offline compilation files will be anywhere from <1 to 20 GB.  We're
thinking about where to host them.  Probably not with Dumps.  How about
Swift?  (https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T170843 )
** Stephen working on cross-platform CSS/JS consolidation, lazy loaded
images in articles, dark mode UI
** Engineer interviews in progress (possibly complete(!)); resumes are
coming in for the PM position

==== Reading Web ====
* *Blocked by:*
**Ops: (*URLs with title query string parameter and additional query string
parameters do not redirect to mobile site - *puppet change
https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T154227 )
* Parsing team/RelEng - Parser tests fail if default Skin for unit tests
makes use of doEditSectionLink https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T170880 -
this issue is blocking us from merging changes on a variety of extensions
and we lack the expertise to fix it.*(resolved)*
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Page previews roll out
** Working with services to build a new REST summary endpoint
** Revamping print styles for Vector skin

==== Reading Infrastructure ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Added disambig/content type to mobile-sections responses. Designing Page
Content Service reference response.
** Gergo on vacation until Wikimania

==== Multimedia ====
* Blocked by: N/A
* Blocking: N/A
* Updates: Working on Thumbor support for STL files, progressing, may need
some support. Hiring progressing also, but not quite complete.

==== Discovery Frontend ====
* Blocked by: N/A
* Blocking: N/A
* Updates:
** (maps) Devs are back from vacation
** finishing up Explore Similar AB test
** investigating thumbnails on search results

=== Community Tech ===
* Blocked by:
** Performance team on https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T170825
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Contributors ===
==== Editing ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

==== Parsing ====
* Blocked by: N/A
* Blocking: N/A
* Updates: If you are an active editor on any wiki, please get your local
community to address high-priority linter errors on Special:LintErrors page.

==== Global Collaboration ====
===== Language =====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Work on ve-cx/OOjs UI migration continue.
** MLEB 2017.07 released.
** Kartik working on new API end-point config for CX.

===== Collaboration =====
* RCFilters
** Features
*** Add range group filters - limit, days and hours (task T162784, task
*** combine user registration and experience level filters (task T165160)
*** proper group name for user experience level (task T165160)
*** Emphasize UI when saved query is loaded (task T169063)
*** Change loading animation (task T165286)
** Also a bunch of RCFilters bug fixes
* Also small fixes for Echo, Thanks, Flow, and WikimediaMessages

==== Contributors Design ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

==== UI Standardization ====
* Updates:
** WikimediaUI Style Guide:
*** Extended WikimediaUI Style Guide own imagery in repo's resources Sketch
*** Using Style Guide imagery export, improving mobile & HiDPI experience
by that
** OOjs UI: no release this week, changes/ongoing since v0.22.3
*** (continued from last week): Further aligning OOjs UI with WikimediaUI
*** Apex theme, fixing several accessibility/design issues, consolidating
with WikimediaUI theme
** Support Reading in print styles/Vector print styles

== Technology ==
=== Analytics ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** EventLogging purging script continues to run. From older to newer data,
dbstore1002 is purging 2015, analytics-store is still purging 2014 (slower
** Deployed an alpha (development) version of Wikistats2 with a single
metric (pageviews) and limited features. Also working on adding a new
metric (unique devices).
** Working on Wikistats back-end final design and starting implementation.
** Working on migrating stat1002 and stat1003 to new machines. There have
been some issues with the /a partition in 1002, and we need to migrate
users to stat1005 sooner than we had planned.
** Finished webrequest tagging UDF and taggers. Being deployed right now.
Next steps: make use of the tagging UDF in webrequest jobs.
* Next up: Make unique devices per project family public in AQS after
analysts finish the final vetting of the data.

=== Cloud Services ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Fundraising Tech ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** CiviCRM:
*** Loading in 3rd-party bulk mailing data, improving reporting views
*** Fixing location import issues
** Fr-tech-ops: migrating monitoring from Ganglia to Prometheus:
** CentralNotice
*** Cache-purge-on-save is ready to deploy
*** Manual cache purge button is in review
*** Started work on 'Clone campaign'
*** Hoping to get more responses from community campaign organizers on our
survey of CN usage
** DonationInterface and SmashPig payments library
*** Deployed fixes for PayPal EC bugs
*** Continuing work on integrating with new API for main credit card
processor https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T163948,

=== MediaWiki Platform ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Performance ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Release Engineering ===
* Blocked by: None
* Blocking: None?
* Updates:
** 1.30.0-wmf.11 has 1 blocker with a patch otherwise on schedule
*** https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T171370
** scap 3.6.0-1 tomorrow
*** changelog:

=== Research ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Scoring Platform ===
* Blocked by:
**Trying to work out git-fat or git-lfs repos for our fast-changing binary
files, see https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T171619
* Blocking:
* Updates:
**Announce presence of "oresscores" in api.php
**"reverted" model removals https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T171059
**New models for Persian Wikipedia (more data == more better) and Wikidata
(badwords/informals detection)
**Conforming to MediaWiki code styles

=== Search Platform ===
* Blocked by: none
* Blocking: none
* Updates:
** Continuing work on ML-assisted ranking
** Vientamese analyzer evaluated, not ready for production yet, but
bugfixes incoming, so may be worth second look (
** Some search bugfixes (https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T171155,
** "Explore similar" A/B test finished, result analysis next
** Preparing for interleaving search results A/B test (
** Archive search final deployment announced (
https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T163235), will be enabled next week
unless there are objections.
** Wikidata prefix search with Elastic search now in testing (test:
http://elastic-wikidata.wmflabs.org/wb.html, announcement:

=== Security ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Security reviews:
*** vue.js
*** OIT apps
* Bawolff will be mostly unavailable until August 1

=== Services ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
**nodejs upgraded to 6.11

=== Technical Operations ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** wikitech api list=novainstances not returning list of instances
** LDAP Outage due to CA expiry and a chain of other failures
** 24th July - pdfrender (both datacenters) - Basically Giuseppe's fault
for merging a change he didn't like and not testing that enough - will
write an incident report.
** DBAs working on preserving parsercache space

== Wikidata ==
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

== German Technical Wishlist ==
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
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