2018-06-13 Scrum of Scrums meeting notes

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2018-06-13 Scrum of Scrums meeting notes

Grace Gellerman

= 2018-06-13 =
== Callouts ==
* SRE and Services on Readers Web: Proton times out way too often to be put
into production https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T186748#4275727
* SRE summit next week. SREs/Ops people across the organization will be
unavailable. Also deployment pause because of this.
* Wikidata/WMDE: If you use Wikidata's wb_terms database table replicas
(tool, script, anything), please let us know what data you use and how, as
we're considering phasing out the table:
* Special thanks to Performance, Analytics, and Readers Web for reviewing
the CitationUsage schema instrumentation code.
* Security: Security review for Wikidata queries data release proposal
* Please take the beta cluster survey:
* Scoring platform: Discussion about peformance impact of deploying JADE on
prodcution wikis: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T196547 Please chime in
and take a look

== Audiences ==
=== Readers ===
==== iOS native app ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** 5.8.2 w/ event logging analytics and bug fixes in public beta, looks
good so far ( https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/view/3358/ )
** Continuing work on next major release, 6.0 - Feed customization and
design updates ( https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/view/3238/ )

==== Android native app ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

==== Readers Web ====
* Blocked by:
** Ruby to JS Cucumber refactor needs help from the RelEng team to fix our
flaky Ruby tests: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T190710
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Mobile website page issues improvements and A/B test framework continues
** Mobile website gallery and table of contents bug fixes
** Invest in the MobileFrontend & MinervaNeue frontend architecture
planning and tasking https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T195473
** Catching up on code review
*Quarterly goal dependency update:
1, Objective 4]]: Continue improving the ways that users can download
articles of interest for later consumption
*** Reading Web depends on SRE, RelEng, Reading Infra

==== Readers Infrastructure ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Safari Reading List extension coming soon, awaiting final QA signoff.
** Two new engineers.
** Supporting lang variants in MCS: Passing Accept-Language header to
Parsoid. Soon: sending the uselang parameter to MW API requests.

===== Maps =====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

==== Multimedia ====
* Quarterly goal dependency update
** Prepare for launch of the first Structured Data on Commons feature
(multilingual file captions)
*** SDC depends on Multimedia, SRE, WMDE, Search Platform, MediaWiki
Platform, Research
*** Preparations continue - MCR and other dependencies are well tracked for
*** OOUI work now implicates some of our fine friends in Contributors -
esp. Collaboration - been talking with Moriel to get a good high-level view
of what's needed
** Integrate structured file captions into search
*** SDC depends on Search Platform, Multimedia
*** Cormac (our lead on the search work) is out until next week, but our
work on search is well ahead of schedule to my knowledge
** Assess user needs for contributors to Structured Data on Commons with
interviews and surveys - T171252
*** Research depends on Multimedia
*** As far as I know, Pam has been supporting this work, but no engineering
time is needed?

=== Contributors ===
==== Community Tech ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
* Working on PageTriage improvements
** GlobalPreferences and CodeMirror are still upon us

==== Anti-Harassment Tools ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Start work on Partial Blocks (quarterly goal)
*** Special thanks to Jaime Crespo and Brad Jorsch for their help on
drafting an SQL schema change
** Fixing Bugs with the Takedown Tools

==== Editing ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

==== Parsing ====
* Blocked by:
**No blockers known
* Blocking:
**No blocking known
* Updates:
** Poem extension integrated into parsoid, reviewed, waiting for merge
** Cite extension work is done and waiting for review
** Tidy to Remex switch over nearly complete
** We are planning to do the final switch from Tidy -> RemexHtml for all
wikis on the wikimedia cluster on July 5th
** C Scott' s work on language subsystem just beginning review

==== Collaboration ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

==== Language ====
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** ContentTranslation Version 2 work continue; We are inviting some users
to try it out!
** Draft purge script in progress. Thanks to suggestions from DBAs.

=== Audiences Design ===
==== UI Standardization ====
** OOUI – v0.27.3 special release last Thu

*** 4 style/code improvement/regression fixes.
** v0.27.4 in preparation for next Tue
** Continuing work on Design Style Guide

== Technology ==
=== Analytics ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Discussion with coms and site and measuring pageviews for new
wikimediafoundation site.
** Ops goals for quarter done. Others still in progress.
** Working with security and legal on data map, should be done by end of
** Old geowiki system completely shut down (removing puppet code), we put
the new data in superset (dashboard being vetted).
** Changes continue to selectively purge data in hadoop for eventlogging
** Adding "permalinks" to Wikistats2.

=== Cloud Services ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Fundraising Tech ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** DonationInterface: working through bugs revealed in 1 hr trial of main
CC processor's new API

=== MediaWiki Platform ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Performance ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Release Engineering ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
** Ruby to JS Cucumber refactor needs help from the RelEng team to fix our
flaky Ruby tests: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T190710
* Updates
** Please take the Beta Cluster survey:
*** https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikitech-l/2018-May/090049.html
*** https://goo.gl/forms/XgIxXiSi1G5eVHbp2
** Heads up: There will be more people in the normal MW Train deployment
rotation (namely: Antoine, Zeljko, and Dan to start) and we'll be doing
some Train deployments during EU hours some weeks. Exact timing TBA (soon).
* Quarterly cross-dependencies

=== Research ===
* Blocked by: None
* Blocking: None
* Updates:
** Adding UI translations to the Gapfinder tools project:
** Training models for recommending translation suggestions:

=== Scoring Platform ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
**Draft topic is deployed!
***Deployed drafttopic in production, try it out like:
** bswiki & srwiki have advanced support --> Collab
** Fixed ORES extension bugs for services and analytics
** Discussion about peformance impact of deploying JADE on prodcution wikis:
 https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T196547 Please chime in and take a look

=== Search Platform ===
* Blocked by:
** Security: Security review for Wikidata queries data release proposal
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Fixed prefix: to not override chosen namespaces:
** Created analysis chains for Croatian, Serbo-Croatian, and Bosnian,
reindex next: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T192395
** Reindexed Slovak and Serbian wikis for new analyzers:
** Added Lexeme terms to source text:
** Added RDF export for Wikibase constraints:
** Working on Lexeme fulltext search:
** Working on fixing Geodata issues:
** Working on query parsing refactoring:
** Working on fixing namespace/redirect mixup in search:

=== Security ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

=== Services ===
* Blocked by:
** Readers web on Proton times out way too often to be put into production
https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T186748#4275727(from SRE)
** EchoNotificationJob being non JSON serializable
** Parsing on deploying the language conversion API at least t
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Groundwork in RESTBase to prepare for language variants support
** Tweaking the kafka job queue for cirrus search jobs

=== Site Reliability Engineering ===
* Blocked by:
** No longer blocked by collaboration on Flow dumps. The move to php7 made
it faster, it's not an issue currently, it can be put on the back burner
** Readers web on Proton times out way too often to be put into production
* Blocking:
** None
* Updates:
** An outbound email outage was experienced on June 6th,
** videoscalers/jobrunners clusters merged increasing available
videoscaling capacity
** tin has been replaced (but you should anyway use deployment.eqiad.wmnet
** Upgrade to 3.24 HHVM started
** Proton (chromium-render) has been deployed and is timeouting way too
often even on basic monitoring traffic.

== Wikidata ==
* Blocked by:
** No longer blocked on hard-to-track browser failures:
https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T191537 Thanks Hashar, Anomie and Zeljko!
* Blocking:
** None (that we know of)
* Updates:
** Investigating ways of migrating away from the unmaintainable wb_terms
database table
** Improving editor experience of the recently launched lexemes on Wikidata
** Prototyping a mobile user interface for editing labels, descriptions,
etc of items and properties

== German Technical Wishlist ==
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:

== SoS Meeting Bookkeeping ==
* Updates:
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