2nd Conference on Truth and Trust Online (TTO 2020) -- Call For Contributions

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2nd Conference on Truth and Trust Online (TTO 2020) -- Call For Contributions

Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia-5
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******************** CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS ********************
         2nd Conference on Truth and Trust Online (TTO)
                            TTO 2020
                  Virtual, October 16-17, 2020

The mission of the Conference on Truth and Trust Online (TTO),
now in its second edition, is to bring together all parties
working toward improving the truthfulness and trustworthiness
of online communications. Given the ongoing travel restrictions,
this year’s conference will be virtual, taking place online on
October 16-17, 2020.

We invite submissions of both technical papers and talk proposals
on technical solutions for addressing current challenges facing
social media platforms on the following indicative list of topics:
- Misinformation
- Disinformation
- Trustworthiness of COVID-19 news and guidance
- Hate speech
- Online harassment and cyberbullying
- Credibility
- Hyper-partisanship and bias
- Image/video verification
- Fake amplification
- Fake reviews
- Polarization and echo chambers
- Transparency in content and source moderation
- Privacy requirements

- Paper submission deadline: August 1, 2020
- Talk proposal submission deadline: August 15, 2020


*Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia* ∙ glciampaglia.com
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
<https://www.usf.edu/engineering/cse/> ∙ University
of South Florida <https://www.usf.edu/>

*Due to Florida’s broad open records law, email to or from university
employees is public record, available to the public and the media upon
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