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A few loose ends

Lost and Found: if you lost something at Wikimania and it has yet to
be found, please let us know (off-list).

Facebook: If you made it to Wikimania, please add your photo to the
facebook ... so that people who were overloaded with new faces and
names can figure out how to get in touch with you again.

Blogs, essays, other thoughts: aside from those of you who have
already promised reports (you know who you are :-), please link to any
blog posts or essays you have published relating to Wikimania from the
group conference blog, in a post or as an external link:

Other photos: please upload freely-licensed Wikimania photos to the
Wikimedia Commons, tag them "Wikimania 2006", and link to them from
the blog external links section... or find creative ways to use them
in informational articles.

Posters: if you provided a poster, I likely have it.  If you don't
want it to be discarded / want something special done with it, let me

Wikimania Awards:  There will be some form of Wikimania Awards again
next year, for the best free content and media written, captured,
relicensed, and uploaded to Wikimedia projects between now and next
Wikimania.  It's not too early to start planning for it now.

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