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Gerard Meijssen-3
In advance to a more general announcement, I am going to announce a new project aimed to improve the localisation of MediaWiki. The details of this project are published at http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Language_project . We are happy that Hivos allowed us to make this project a reality..

There is a limited amount of money available, and the money available is biased towards making MediaWiki as usable as possible in languages where it is not really usable at the moment. We have up to 200 EURO available (including our payment costs) for the localisation of one language. We will offer you the choice to pay the money directly to you or when you work as a group (for instance the Wikimedia Chapter India) you can ask us to pay it in one go to your organisation. As a last option we have a program whereby you can donate your money to our program "Donations, putting your money where your mouth is". This program will pay for things like localisations in other languages, paying for programmers to finish code that is not production ready yet, adding features to Open Source programs like OmegaT or OmegaWiki. If you have other suggestions for this scheme you can ask us to consider this

In a thread on the Wikimedia India list, there was talk about the need of Java programs to be used in MediaWiki. Finding money for a developer to assess if these programs are safe to run in MediaWiki is something that I would consider for a project in the "Donations, ... " project.

NB the money is to make MediaWiki useful. MediaWiki is however continuously developed and localisation for your language is constantly needed. The best we can achieve with money is to get localisation done for now. As MediaWiki is what makes your Wikipedia or other project possible we urge you to help us maintain MediaWiki as the best Wiki engine available.

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