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Thanks for the clarification Sunil.

So I came to know that the committee  involved in the selection process, most member doesn't have any wiki experience, and only few have on-wiki experience. Correct me if I am wrong. It's surprising to know people, who doesn't have experience on wiki recruiting people for the same! 

May be it's fair as WMF has given the responsibility to CIS!

But I am worried about the support, as many are upset and not convinced, whether or not they are going to support A2K.
Or may be A2K doesn't care about them who doesn't support, without their support A2K is going to succeed!

I think we should support, as we can do nothing about it now. This way it's best for everyone, at least for Wikipedia and it's sister projects.

I'd like to apologize if I didn't sound neutral before any time. But believe me I don't want to make or see this worse.

And I'd like to have the A2K team (all of them) respond positively to the criticism. You should take it as a part of your job! Sorry, I don't see any other option.

I have been a Free Software activist for the last 10 years. I have
contributed to national policy formulation and practice w.r.t. Free
Software, Open Standards and Open Content in multiple countries
including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Moldova and Tajikistan. But I have never
submitted a line of code to any Free Software project. Similarly, I
believe that those who don't edit Wikipedia can also make significant
contributions to the Wikipedia movement.
Can you tell me how this is similar?

You are into policy formulation and you never submitted a line of code.
Are you saying now you are able to write codes all of sudden even if you don't know how to?

Anybody can contribute to Wikipedia, but to know everything and understand completely, and then teach others it takes more time then you think.
And particularly in this case, it should not be like this!
If you don't believe me ask somebody you know active on English Wikipedia.

I think nobody is raising this other than me, because you don't have the support from them!


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