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ACM Hypertext - Call for Participation

James Noble
Eighteenth International ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia  
(HT 07).

*** Hypertext, The Web, and Beyond: Five Autonomous Programmes, One  
Unified Conference ***

Dates: September, 10 – 12, 2007
Location: Manchester, UK
Conference Website:
RSS News Feed:



Hypertext and hypermedia involve a diverse range of technologies that  
support structured knowledge. The Eighteenth International ACM  
Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia is operating under the banner  
"Five Autonomous Programmes, One Unified Conference" to reflect that  
although there is a wide range of research areas within the  
community, all have a common interest in hypertext and hypermedia.  
The conference will take place over 3 days, with each of the Five  
Autonomous Programmes having a dedicated session. There will also be  
scheduled sessions for the additional programmes that will take place  
at the conference.

Preliminary Programme Schedule

Sunday 9th September 2007
      -- Sunday Night Social: Joins us for informal drinks in 'Kro  
Bar 2'
         Not included in the Conference Programme

Monday 10th September 2007
      -- Session 1: Keynote Address - Prof. Carole Goble - The Return  
of the Prodigal Web
      -- Session 2: Practical Hypertext Programme (1)
             1. Experiments Toward Reverse Linking on the Web
             2. User-Assisted Similarity Estimation for Searching  
Related Web Pages
             3. Lesson Learnt from a Large-Scale Industrial Semantic  
Web Application
     -- Session 3: Posters, Demonstrations, and the Reading Room (1)
             1. SEMPort - A Personalized Semantic Portal
             2. Experiments Towards Web 2.0 Accessibility
             3. Qtag: Introducing the Qualitative Tagging System
             4. Search habits of the Computer Literate
             5. Tags, Networks, Narrative: Exploring the use of  
social software for the study of narrative in digital contexts
             6. Using forum in an organizational learning context
             7. A Study into User Perceptions of Information Sharing  
and Trust in Virtual Teams
             8. Interaction Visualization in Web-Based Learning using  
             9. Predicting and Solving Web Navigation Problems
             10. An Evaluation of Identity on Online Social  
Networking: Myspace
             11. Visual Features in Genre Classification of HTML
             12. Wiki literacy - Sandbox Knowledge for the Net
             13. Progressive Enhancement in the Real World
     -- Session 4: Practical Hypertext Programme (2)
             1. Real users, real results: examining the limitations  
of learning styles within AEH
             2. HSTP : Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol
             3. LLAMA: Automatic Hypertext Generation Utilizing  
Language Models
             4. Clustering as an approach to support the automatic  
definition of semantic hyperlinks
     -- Social: Welcome Drinks Reception and Museum Tour

Tuesday 11th September 2007
     -- Session 5: Hypertext & The Person Programme
             1. Revealing the hidden ethnography of user browsing  
             2. User-Tailored Web Accessibility Evaluations
             3. Simplifying Web Traversals By Recognising Behaviour  
     -- Session 6: Hypertext Culture & Communication Programme
             1. Assembly Lines: Web Generators as Hypertexts
             2. If the Web is a Page + Links, the Semantic Web is a...?
             3. The Evolution of Authorship in a Remix Society
     -- Session 7: Posters, Demonstrations, and the Reading Room (2)
             1. Physio-cybertext: Respiratory Narrative and Receptive  
             2. Strong vs. Weak Links: Making Processes Prevail Over  
Structure in Navigational Design
             3. Image Seeds: A Communal Picture-based Narrative
             4. Adaptive incremental browsing of ontology structure
             5. Incorporating Culture in User-interface: A Case Study  
of Older Adults in Malaysia
             6. Transforming DITA Topics for Speech Synthesis Output
             7. Towards Interactive Learning by Concept Ordering
             8. Ontology based course navigation
             9. A Semantic Tool to Support Navigation in a Folksonomy
             10. Collaborative Annotation-Driven Adaptation in Web  
             11. A Study of Publisher, Writer and Reader: Different  
Perspectives on Digital Fiction
             12. Hypertext Applications
             13. Dynamic Link Service 2.0: using Wikipedia as a linkbase
     -- Session 8: Hypertext & Society Programme (1)
             1. Towards Better Understanding of Folksonomic Patterns
             2. Collaborative Classification of Growing Collections  
with Evolving Facets
             3. Does it matter who contributes? - A study on featured  
articles in the German Wikipedia
             4. Structural Analysis of Virtual Community in Social  
Hypertext Networks
     -- Dinner: Conference Dinner
     -- Session 9: After Dinner Keynote Address - Prof. Wendy Hall -  
Back to the Future with Hypertext

Wednesday 12th September 2007
     -- Session 10: Hypertext Models & Theory Programme
             1. An Agile Hypertext Design Methodology
             2. Architecting Structure-Aware Applications - The  
Structure Model
             3. Adaptation Engineering: A Semantics-based Aspect-
Oriented Approach
     -- Session 11: Hypertext & Society Programme (2)
             1. ASSIST: Adaptive Social Support for Information Space  
             2. Annotation Consensus: Implications for Passage  
Recommendation in Scientific Literature
             3. Analysis of Online Video Search and Sharing
     -- Session 12: Closing Plenary - Theodor Holm Nelson and Robert  
Adamson Smith - BACK TO THE FUTURE: Hypertext the Way It Used To Be
     -- Open to the Public: Cafe Scientifique Event - Dr Mark  
Bernstein - Unlinked and Entangled
     -- Stopping Over Social: Joins us for an informal curry along  
Manchester's 'Curry Mile'
        Not included in the Conference Programme

- Carole Goble (School of Computer Science - University of  
Manchester, UK)
- Wendy Hall (Computer Science - University of Southampton, UK)
- Theodor Holm Nelson - Closing Plenary

Humanities Honour Scheme
In order to support and continue with the interdisciplinary aspect of  
the Hypertext conferences, the "Humanities Honour Sceme" is  
introduced. With this scheme we would like to ensure that attendees  
from Humanities get as much discounts as Computer Scientists.

Creche - Sponsored by Hoppers
Hypertext 2007 will be able to provide free creche services to  
delegates with small children. The creche can have child carers for  
children aged 6 months and above.
- Creche registrations deadline: 15th August, 2007

Registration Fees
- Online Registration is now open
- Deadline for early registration: 1 August, 2007

ACM Member -- Early: £240 (GBP), Regular: £290 (GBP), On the Door:  
£310 (GBP)
Humanities Honour Scheme -- Early: £240 (GBP), Regular: £340 (GBP),  
On the Door: £360 (GBP)
Non-ACM Member -- Early: £300 (GBP), Regular: £340 (GBP), On the  
Door: £360 (GBP)
Student -- Early: £160 (GBP), Regular: £200 (GBP), On the Door: £230  

ACM Special Interest Group on Hypermedia and the Web (SIGWEB - http://
Hoppers @ KWeb (
The University Of Manchester (
The Information Management Group (
The ACM Student Research Competition - sponsored by Microsoft  
Research (
Eastgate Systems (
Taylor & Francis Group (

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