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ASBS 2019 vote

With just hours left before the deadline, I cast our collective vote on behalf of the Wikimedians of Minnesota User Group and I got confirmation that it was recorded. 

Below is how we voted, based on the four responses received (including my own).

1      Richard Knipel               4


2      Gerald Shields               6


3      Yuri Astrakhan               16


4      Shani Evenstein Sigalov      17


5      Reda Kerbouche               18


6      Nataliia Tymkiv              19


7      Maor Malul                   22


8      Taweetham Limpanuparb        24


9      Kayode Yussuf                27


10     Douglas Ian Scott            28


11     Christophe Henner            29


(Yithello dropped before voting opened, leaving 11 candidates.)  

Our collective vote is on the left, which is based on the sum to the right of the four rankings received. Math will tell you the top candidate must have gotten a one (highest rank) from each of the four  rankings. The others are also simple sums, with one exception: I counted leaving a candidate blank as defaulting to a middle score of five, rather than a zero, as that would throw off the math. If there are any questions about that, please let me know.

Our cumulative vote will be public when voting ends, but I will keep the privacy of the individual rankings which went into it.

-- Jonathunder


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