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About link target and cache in translation text

Mathieu Stumpf Guntz


So I just finished the Esperanto translation of "Message group > All >2017 Wikimedia Movement Strategy Portal" (reviewers are welcome), and I'm begining to look at the result to see if I see problems which are more obvious in context.

Falling in this criteria, is the string "Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Team", that had been (oddly) translated to "Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Teama", probably from the idea it would be a section title, as it's a common formatting in (at least) Technews.

But it happend to in fact just be a internal link target. So, I went back to the translator interface, searched "2017/Teama", found a string and replaced it with the original string. Now going to the resulting page, it doesn't change anything, even after a "?action=purge" and browser cache cleaning. So, ever translation have an other specific cache, or the message I reversed is not the one I'm looking for, but then I have no idea how to find it, asĀ  "2017/Teama" doesn't return result anymore. Do you have any idea what's going on?

An other point I noticed, is that translation variables carrying a link target might inconsistently include the "Special:MyLanguage/" prefix or not. So sometime you do have to explicitly add "Special:MyLanguage/" and sometime, you shouldn't, as prefixing it multiple time will only perform the redirection for the first occurrence. That is "Special:MyLanguage/Special:MyLanguage/Example" will lead to the page "Special:MyLanguage/Example".

Also, how can I find the history of a specific string? I think the translation interface should provide some direct link to the string dedicated page. What is your opinion about that?

By the way, do we have consultation statistics for each page easily accessible somewhere? I think it would also be interesting to have a direct access to something like that, along the "This page was last modified on" statement.

Kind regards,


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