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Daniel Friesen
Before I decide to work on it sometime in the future, anyone else
interested in creating a LocalFileRepo for Amazon's API?
Unless someone corrects me, the best method of dealing with Amazon S3
for storing images would be to make use of S3's API, rather than
mounting buckets onto the filesystem. The former should be more reliable
(^_^ trying to use a mountpoint will probably drive someone up the wall
like NFS does for brion), and also using the API should be more reliable
for handling multiple buckets, since as I recall the Amazon docs say
that buckets can only hold up to 5Gb each.

Though considering the large things to deal with for multiple buckets,
and the fact that the best methods will probably also have some url
redirect handling as well to keep the standard urls, it might be best as
an extension rather than put into core.

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