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Alex Stinson
Wikimedia UK members, 

As was mentioned at the AGM and as you may have noticed in the Wikipedia geonotices we are currently recruiting for a Wikipedia Ambassadors UK Programme. Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors are members of university communities, whether student, faculty or community member, who are passionate about Wikipedia, it's mission of free knowledge and a desire to help make it better understood in the academic community and on university campuses. Wikipedia Ambassador may fulfill many outreach roles on campus from facilitating teaching assignments to running outreach events and developing student organisations. For more information on the teaching assignments and the ambassador role, see the attached PDFs or visit the Wikipedia Ambassador homepage at

We are currently collecting applications for an upcoming Campus Ambassador training in June. The training prepares Campus Ambassadors in communicating Wikipedia and its community to academics and students as well as refining skills in outreach at universities. If you are interested in participating the application is attached. Please fill it out and return it with a resume in an e-mail titled Ambassador Application to [hidden email] by 15 May 2011. We will screen application as soon as possible, and may request a brief interview via Skype before accepting. If you have any questions feel free to ask at [hidden email].

The Wikipedia Ambassadors UK team

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Wikipedia Ambassador.pdf (88K) Download Attachment
Wikipedia as a Teaching tool.pdf (73K) Download Attachment
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