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Lars Aronsson
Today's top news in Sweden is a revelation of how
the police keeps a register or computer file on
certain categories of people. Anyway, a side track
of this discussion is that they apparently are using
a software called Analyst's Notebook, which is
useful for tracing connections between individuals.
This software is made by i2, now owned by IBM.

I think this kind of software could be useful in
tracing relationships between historic writers,
artists, inventors, and politicians. Who socialized
with, learned from, or inspired whom? Even
though Wikipedia contains lots of basic facts,
the large patterns of connections are not so
easily visible.

Are there any examples of counterterrorism software
being used to better understand history? Are there
any free/open source and/or web based versions of
such software?

All that I have seen of DBpedia is much more
primitive than this.

   Lars Aronsson ([hidden email])
   Aronsson Datateknik -

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