[Announcement] A new formal collaboration in Research!

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[Announcement] A new formal collaboration in Research!

Miriam Redi
Dear All,

I am happy to announce that the Research team at the Wikimedia Foundation
has officially started a new Formal Collaboration [1]  with the University
of Turin (Italy) on Understanding Readers' Engagement with Images in

Rossano Schifanella, Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the
University of Turin, will be the main formal collaborator contributing to
this project. We are thankful to Rossano for agreeing to spend his time and
expertise on this project in the coming year!

We aim to keep the research documentation for this project in the
corresponding research page on meta [2], which will link to a Phabricator
task capturing research updates. I will be the point of contact for this
research in the Wikimedia Foundation. Please feel free to reach out  if you
have comments or questions about the research!



[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Research/Formal_collaborations
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