Announcing: First Quarterly Technical Community Newsletter!

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Announcing: First Quarterly Technical Community Newsletter!

Sarah Rodlund
Hi Everyone,

We’re happy to announce the launch of the brand new quarterly Technical
Community Newsletter
<>. The
newsletter is compiled by the Wikimedia Developer Advocacy Team. It aims to
share highlights, news, and information of interest from and about the
Wikimedia technical community.

The First Edition of the Technical Community Newsletter
launches today! Find out more about what technical contributors have been
up to this past quarter, upcoming conferences & calls for papers, and how
to get involved.

Like all good things, the first edition starts as a prototype. Some ideas
we had in mind for additional sections/categories are “Tool of the Season”,
“Wikimedia in numbers” (i.e. around code review, new developer accounts,
etc). Ideas about what you would like to see and highlights you would like
to share are welcome

Subscribe to the Technical Community Newsletter
if you'd like to keep up with essential updates and information.


Sarah R. Rodlund
Technical Writer, Developer Advocacy
[hidden email]
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