Announcing GLAMcamp Amsterdam for UK glammers // 2-4 December

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Announcing GLAMcamp Amsterdam for UK glammers // 2-4 December



If you have been involved in the UK GLAM programme and are committed
to helping in the future, the GLAMcamp Amsterdam workshop should be of
interest if you would like to learn from the experience of Wikimedians
from other countries delivering their own GLAM initiatives and have
the opportunity to share your own UK experience.

In the UK we have our own in-residence projects, negotiated new
partnerships, held workshops and edit-a-thons, run multilingual
challenges and experimented with QR codes. Don't think our work has
been unnoticed by our fellow Chapters, and this event is a chance to
use our bragging rights.

At the moment myself, Leutha and Rock Drum have added our names as
wishing to attend, please add yours so that Liam and WM-NL can start
adding you to their plans. Accommodation costs will be covered by
WM-NL and for suitable attendees travelling from the UK, reasonable
economy travel costs (such as the train) and some subsistence costs
will be reimbursed by WM-UK.

In terms of suitability, the event is targeted at those currently
involved in our GLAM programme with a story to share. We may limit
numbers depending on the level of response and may have to reject
applications from those without suitable experience. Drop me a note if
you have any questions.

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