Announcing goodbot - A chatbot for Wikimedia’s Zulip

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Announcing goodbot - A chatbot for Wikimedia’s Zulip

Pavithra Eswaramoorthy
Hello everyone!

We are super excited to introduce two new bots for Wikimedia’s Zulip<> - goodbot and ircbot!

Wikimedia has been using Zulip<>, an open source communication platform, for supporting participants in Wikimedia’s outreach programs. Read more about how we are building a community in this blog post: As a part of Google Summer of Code<> 2020, QEDK<> is working towards developing bots to make the Zulip experience better for participants, mentors and administrators.

Goodbot is a chatbot that sends welcome messages to newly joined participants and helps answer some questions about the different outreach programs like Google Summer of Code, Outreachy and Season of Docs. You can chat with it on any Wikimedia Zulip stream.

Ircbot bridges all communication between the #technical-support<> stream on Zulip and the IRC channel #wikimedia-tech. It allows the participant community on Zulip to interact with the broader Wikimedia community that is primarily active on IRC. You can see ircbot active in both the aforementioned channels.

You can learn more about the future plans for the project in the GSoC proposal here: and keep track of the progress in the bi-weekly reports recorded here:

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the bots. Please reach out to us on Zulip: or on GitHub: :)

Thanks and cheers,

The goodbot team

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