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ArchCom RFC update

Gabriel Wicke-3

I am writing to give you a quick summary of which RFCs we are currently
working on in the ArchCom. Each RFC has the name of its 'shepherd' listed
next to it. A shepherd is responsible for working with the RFC author to
move the RFC forward, publicize it, and represent it in the architecture

Please have a look, and join the conversation on the RFCs that are of
interest to you.


New RFCs:

T129435 RFC: drop support for running without mbstring
<> (Gabriel): New, very focused
RFC by Max, discussion started.

Upcoming IRC sessions:

T124792 Service Locator for MediaWiki core
<> (Daniel): Introduce a service
locator (aka DI container) to allow code in mediaWiki core to make use of
the Dependency Injection (DI) and Service Locator (SL) patterns.

Under discussion:

T108655 Standardise on how to access/register JavaScript interfaces
<> (Roan): Considering to split
out contentious part (file-based require, or something like it; to support
embedding libraries), move forward on less controversial part (basic
module-name-based require infrastructure)

T18691 RFC: Section headings should have a clickable anchor
<> (Timo): Reworking proposal with
designers & Volker

T124504 Transition WikiDev '16 working areas into working groups
<> (RobLa) Finding folks to fully
assume ownership on following up from each session has been difficult

T128351 RfC: Notifications in core
<> (Brion): Discussed last week,
now clarifying interfaces & scope.

T66214 Use content hash based image / thumb URLs & define an official thumb
API <> (Brion): Discussion last &
this week.

T118517 [RFC] Use <figure> for media
<> (Brion): Revisit soon.

T124752 [RFC] Expiring watch list entries
<> (Daniel): Iterating on the
design, discussion on the task.

T113034 RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap
<> (Daniel): Has been discussed
before, needs somebody to actually take this on.

T114444 [RFC] Introduce notion of DOM scopes in wikitext
<> (Tim): Under discussion in the
parsing team, early stage.
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