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ArchCom Radar, 2017-05-10

Daniel Kinzler-2
Hi all!

Here are the minutes from this week's ArchCom meeting. You can also find the
minutes at <>.

See also the ArchCom status page at
<> and the RFC board

Here are the minutes, for your convenience:

* We had an IRC meeting on refactoring revision storage in the database

* The RFC on deprecating the usage of PHP’s (un)serialize function was not
approved after the Last Call period. There seems to be consensus on the goal,
and there was good discussion on the details; however, proposal should now be
amended to address the issues raised in the discussion.

* New RFC “PostgreSQL schema change for consistency with MySQL”

* Input wanted on RFC “use index on rc_this_oldid”

* Kickoff for work on MCR planned for the Vienna Hackathon.

* There will be no ArchCom meeting next week (May 17), due to people being on
route to the hackathon. We may skip the week after the hackathon too (May 24).

Daniel Kinzler
Principal Platform Engineer

Wikimedia Deutschland
Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.

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