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Baidu Baike & Wikipedia 百度百科與維基百科 (英文)

Dear all,

Some discussion about the Baidu Baike copy the content from Wikipedia is now on
Chinese Wikipedia Village Pump.


Some Baidu user copy a lot of content from Wikipedia, should them be prosecuted?

A user suggest that the Wikimedia Foundation prosecute the Baidu company and
request for remove or a large amount of money (donate to Wikimedia Foundation),
and have a advertisment on at least 10 newspaper/radio/TV for saying sorry to


About Baidu Baike

Some wikipedian said in China law, no clear solution can be make. Also, some
people advice the WMF to use the [list]
 to prosecute or take action to Baidu company & Baidu Baike editor. I give a
comment that send a wikipedian-signed letter to Baidu and request them to take
action. Someone suggest that Wikimedia Taiwan to talk with the related
organization and try to solve the problem.

3. Talk about the "Is it possible to fund the Wikimedia China?"

Thank you for your attention.

Editor of Chinese Wikipedia
Key words for wikizh-l people:

Baidu Baike = In Chinese 百度百科, the encyclopedia by a internet search website
Baidu, the no.1 website in China.
Wikimedia Taiwan = In Chinese 中華民國維基媒體協會, the wikimedia local assoication in
Taiwan. Approved by WMF
Village Pump = In Chinese 互助客棧
Wikimedia Foundation = In Chinese 維基媒體基金會 
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