Best strategy to populate User data from Single Sign On?

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Best strategy to populate User data from Single Sign On?

After a successful Intranet SSO validation, New MediaWiki user accounts are
created automatically via the [[User:Otheus/Auto_Login_via_REMOTE_USER]]
Fields  provided in the header variables include:
Uniquemployeenum, Firstname,Lastname, Commonfullname (i.e."Bobby Jones" vs.
"Roberta Jones")'

I would like the common name (Bobby Jones) to appear on MediaWiki pages as
Username. But to account for duplicate names (200,000+ employees here) it
would be acceptable to have the Username be Commonfullname_Uniqueemployeenum
(Bobby Jones 395234).

What happens when Roberta Jones gets married and becomes 'Roberta Chang'
a.k.a. 'Bobby Chang'?
The next time she visits the wiki, 'Bobby Chang 395234' will not be found in
the user table and the AutoLogin script will create a new user.  Poor Bobby
will now have to manage a double identity. Or worse, she will email me and
ask if I can move all her old history/data/pages to her new name.

A) I don't know how to do that
B) there are 200,000+ potential wiki users here. About half of them could
all get married, divorced, widowed and remarried,

Best to figure this out before we release this to production,
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