Better Support for Mobile in Wikistats2

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Better Support for Mobile in Wikistats2

Nuria Ruiz

Analytics is working on better support for mobile in wikistats2:

Do take a look at latest changes and if there are issues that prevent you
from using this site in mobile let us know.

A phabricator ticket ( with a screenshot
will be great.

Site should be usable in:
* last two versions of any major desktop browser (chrome, FF, edge and
* any newish iOS device (iphone4 and up) that has been kept up to date
* android 4.4 and up

We are still working on improving our mobile support and happy to take
requests on higher levels of support for browsers we might have not

This is the work we have planned for next quarter:

   - Persistent links for metrics. Bookmarks. task T179444
   - Support annotations task T178015
   - Label non obvious concepts task T177950
   - Improvements on pageview data per country task T188928


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