Bilingual dictionaries based on Wiktionary

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Bilingual dictionaries based on Wiktionary

Karl Bartel
Does anyone have an overview over bilingual dictionaries extracted
from Wiktionary? Wiktionary itself isn't very pleasant to use if you
just want to get a word translated into a different language.

I already had a closer look at QuickDic[1] which uses its own
extraction code and compared one of the dictionaries (de-sv) to one I
extracted from dbnary. At a first glance, my primitive query from
dbnary seems to yield better (or at least more) results than the
original dictionary from QuickDic.

Now I am thinking about which relations to use (e.g. should I add
translations for one word to its synonyms?) and how I could provide
additional information like pronunciation which does not seem to fit
into the minimal data model of QuickDic.

So if you have any links to related projects or information that would
be very helpful.



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