[Blog]: Chronicling the Crafts – India’s First GLAM Initiative

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[Blog]: Chronicling the Crafts – India’s First GLAM Initiative

Noopur Raval
Dear all,

blog post cum report on India's first GLAM initiative at the National
Crafts Museum! The program started out in English but was taken forward in
Hindi to suit the staff members who have been enthusiastically creating
articles and editing in Hindi Wikipedia! The program has been a bold step
to prove that GLAM can very well happen in India - with its own design and
structure and it has also given the Hindi community a precious gift of 6
new editors.

A special thanks to User: Roboture who has been with us in each and every
meet and helped train editors, User:Yann for his first set of invaluable
Commons contributions and to User:Aniruddhajnu and User:Siddharatha_ghai
for coming down to the museum to inspire the staff members.

Hope this gives more courage to any community that wants to start a similar
project! Would love to provide any help needed.

Thank you,


Noopur Raval
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