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Board meeting planned in october

Florence Devouard-2
Dear all,


Last time I updated you on this list, there was a request so that
updates be also added on the wiki, for later references.
I heard you :-)

You may find this here:
In each of the pages you may find here, I try to add as well relevant

I also started a general clean-up of meta, related to Wikimedia pages :-)

Allow me the opportunity to remind you of the resolution page, where we
gather our decisions

Regarding our last board meetings
The board meeting (June, Amsterdam) is reported here:
The board meeting (August, Taipei) does not have any report. It lasted
two hours and was essentially an update from Sue.
The advisory board meeting notes may be found here:



Things are moving at lightspeed since Sue arrival. I am not going to
comment on everything, but only on a few topics related to board activity.

A board meeting is planned in early october, to take place in our office
in Florida. The agenda is not fully defined yet, but a few big topics
are already known.

First topic: Board membership.

Three members are ending their term in december. Jimmy, Jan-Bart and
Michael. The first is willing to stay, the second still have to confirm
but seems willing as well. However, Michael has explicitely said he
would expect to be replaced both as board member and as treasurer.

During the board meeting, there should be discussions over whether to
expand the board to 9, or keep it for now at 7. A couple of names are
currently floating around.
There may be a change in the terms of the appointed members.
October is also the moment to elect our officers (chair, vice-chair,
treasurer and secretary).
I'd like as well to see a discussion over the roles and responsabilities
of the officers.

However, my hottest topic on board membership is the treasurer. We are
now a rather big organization, and we really can not afford not to have
professional oversight on financial matters. As such, my intent is that
Michael be replaced by someone with the financial skills to ensure the
financial oversight of the organization. I am currently working with
Mona on this, for a proper advertisement of a clearly defined position.
I will oppose us naming treasurer someone without professional
expertise. I expect you will hear about the position in the next few weeks.

Second topic: budget

Staff and Mona are currently working on a budget draft. An operating
budget should be ready for board approval at the October meeting.

Third topic: advisory board
Names have been floating around for new members. I'd like us to also
reflect back a little on the advisory board meeting in Taipei.

All those above should lead to well defined resolutions.

Another part of the board meeting should be operational reporting,
including (but not restricted to),
* audit (currently ongoing)
* staff (in particular new staff)
* fundraising operations (in the hands of Sabine)
* trademarks situation and more generally legal assessment (from Mike)

There are various other topics, which are currently more at the
discussion level, including
* communication strategy
* biz dev strategy
* branding strategy
* fundraising strategy (a meeting is planned with a professional)
* chapter strategy

The board meeting will last two days (6 and 7) and will be followed by a
board+staff meeting (8).

Next updates you can expect are likely to be on Wikimania 2008, audit
and treasurer issues :-)



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