Board officers elected; Anthere is Chair!

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Board officers elected; Anthere is Chair!

Let's not forget that Jimbo is a "life member" of the WMF and will always be
remembered as the founder of the WMF (as opposed to his role as founder of
Wikipedia and the impetus for many sister projects):

Good luck to Anthere and all the new officers of the Foundation Board!

Alex T. Roshuk
member: Legal Department, Chair pro tempore, Fundraising Committee
(original drafter of WMF bylaws)

| Thanks so much for these kind words, and yes.  Selling the concept to
| the world is what I do best, and that's what I love to do.  That, and
| visiting Wikipedians everywhere, getting to know so many wonderful people.
| > Hurray for Anthere: you deserve this so much!
| Indeed she does. :)
| --Jimbo

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