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Michael Bimmler
as our bylaws are now approved officially (notwithstanding the minor
(translation/language) changes that might be still needed), we might
do some roadmap planning now. IMHO we should now schedule the Founding
Assembly quite soon (keyword Wikipedia Day) and on a date that is
working fine for a lot of people. E.g. are now (=the next 2 weeks,
starting at Easter Monday) in Zurich the school holidays, the question
is whether this means "A lot of people are here" or "A lot of people
are not here", otherwise we would need to do it later on probably on a
weekend (I don't suppose anybody has time on Thursday, 10pm...).
Please make time indicatios at (yes, the page is not
yet created, feel free to write some nice introduction if you want
What is concerning the board (and I strongly propose to use the term
"board" instead of "committee", as you see at WMF, they use "board"
for the real leading panel and committee for various small groups
consisting of board and non-board members.):
Bylaws say clearly "1 President and 4-6 additional members".
Situation is at the moment the following:
Nominated as president is Ilario, Robin Schwab has denied his
nomination. --> This is probably clear
As board, we have at the moment 7 people nominated (see below), the
eighth person at the list (Nando) has stroke his nomination due to
lack of time (and I'm really sorry for this...).
To be frank: This leaves us with one board member too much.
The nominated persons:
Jürg Wolf
Jürg Studer
Michael Bimmler
Christian Seidl
Muvon 53 (Emmanuel Clapasson)
Robin Schwab
Frédéric Schutz
As auditors (should be 2, cannot be board members):

As Nando has accepted his auditors nomination but does not want to be
on the board, I think he should be elected auditor anyway. As Pakeha
has accepted his auditor nomination but is not listed for board
membership, I as well think that his nomination should be confirmed,
which leaves us with Frédéric as board member (if he is okay with
that) and I would personally appreciate this (for him being a really
valuable helper in preparation now AND for him being the
representative of Romandie in our team, which would lead to a

So still, there are 7 accepted nominations for 6 board places. Now I'd
like to ask, if there is anybody who wants to retire his candidature
for any reason he should say so now. This would take away the need for
a formal election with 6 winners and 1 "loser". I also want to stress
that also non-board-people can help in various ways in Wikimedia CH
(e.g. as non-board-member of committees etc.).


Michael Bimmler
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