CIS-A2K Bulletin for June-July, 2013

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CIS-A2K Bulletin for June-July, 2013

Subhashish Panigrahi-4
Dear all,

Sincere apologies for delay in sending the bulletin. We have worked on
changing the format of the Centre for Internet and Society’s Access To
Knowledge (CIS-A2K) monthly bulletin. Please find below the details of
our work in the last two months (i.e. June and July 2013) as a single
bulletin. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how
we can improve the bulletin at:

Indian Language Wikipedia Statistics April to September 2013 (by T.
Vishnu Vardhan; Nitika Tandon and Subhashish Panigrahi June 30, 2013):

The Access to Knowledge team carried out quantitative analysis to
identify trends and growth patterns in Indian Language Wikipedias over
the time period from September 2012 to April 2013. Though it is
difficult for the A2K programme to take direct credit for the growth
or lack of it the programme's support has been one of the key factors
in impacting the growth of the Wikimedia projects and communities in
India since the commencement of the project. Primary focus areas of
the statistics are: growth of articles, Active editors, Monthly growth
of new editors, Monthly pageviews and New editors statistics from
outreach events organized or supported by A2K programme. Link:

■ Workshops

● Wikipedia editing workshop for participants from 10 civil society
institutions from across India at the Institute of Internet and
Society, Bangalore (Organized by the A2K team members T. Vishnu
Vardhan and Subhashish Panigrahi, June 9, 2013)

● A 'Kannada' Wikipedia Workshop for Bloggers (organized by CIS-A2K
Team, Suchitra, Bengaluru, June 23, 2013). Dr. U.B. Pavanaja conducted
the workshop. Link:

● Digital Humanities for Indian Higher Education (co-organised by
HEIRA-CSCS, Tumkur University, CILHE-TISS and CCS, Indian Institute of
Science, July 13, 2013). Link:

● A Kannada Wikipedia Workshop (organized by CIS-A2K team, July 21,
2013, Hubli). Dr. U.B. Pavanaja gave training to the participants on
Wikipedia. Leading newspapers like Times of India, Vijaya Karnataka,
Deccan Herald, VijayaVani, Prajavani, Samyukta Karnataka and
HosaDiganta covered the event. Scanned versions of the published
articles can be viewed here

● Telugu Wikipedia Training Workshop (organized by CIS-A2K Team in
collaboration with Telugu Jati Nava Nirmana Samstha, Hyderabad, July
21, 2013). Dr. Rajasekhar (Telugu WP admin) and T. Vishnu Vardhan
conducted the workshop. Link:

● A Kannada Wikipedia Workshop at Sagara (organized by CIS-A2K team,
Sagara, July 28, 2013). Dr. U.B. Pavanaja gave a talk on Wikipedia and
Kannada Wikipedia. Link:

● Odia Wikipedia Training Workshop at the Veer Surendra Sai University
of Technology (Organized by Odia Wikipedian Gorvachove Pothal and
supported by CIS-A2K programme, July 26, 2013). Event link:

● Telugu Wiki Academy at Centre for Good Governance (co-organised by
A2K team and Telugu Wikipedia community, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad,
April 9, 2013). T. Vishnu Vardhan was a speaker at this event. Link:

■ Meetups

● First Telugu Wiki Meetup @ CIS, Bangalore (co-organised by Telugu
Wikipedia community and A2K on June 2, 2013). S.J. Veera conducted the
meet-up. Link:

● Second monthly Telugu Wiki Meetup @ CIS, Bangalore (co-organized by
Telugu Wikipedia community and A2K on July 13, 2013). Event link:

● Telugu Wikipedia Meetup @ Theatre Outreach Unit, Hyderabad
(co-organised by TE WP community, ToU and A2K on July 21, 2013). T.
Vishnu Vardhan spoke on Copyright-Creative Commons and Wikipedia.

■ Upcoming / Ongoing Events

● A Workshop on Posting Articles in Kannada on Wikipedia (organised by
the Centre for Proficiency Development Placement Service, University
of Mysore, CPDPS premises, Manasagangotri, August 6, 2013). Dr. U.B.
Pavanaja will conduct a workshop. The announcement
was made in an article by R. Krishna Kumar in the Hindu on August 2,
2013. Link:

● Wikipedia Training workshop for students at the St. Xavier College,
Goa Wikipedia

● Training workshop for students from Library Science Department at
the Goa University, Goa Wikipedia

● Training workshop for students from Konkani language Department at
the Goa University, Goa

■ Events Participated

● Free Software (organized by Free Software Movement of Karnataka in
partnership with Jnana Vikas Institute of Technology, Bidadi, July 24,
2013). Dr. U.B. Pavanaja presented about Wikipedia in this event.

● Institute of Internet and Society, Bangalore (participated by A2K
team, T. Vishnu Vardhan presented about “Building Knowledge Bases and
Platforms via Mass Collaboration on the Internet” Presentation Link:,
Event Link:

■ Media Coverage (including videos)

● A Feature on Wikipedia and Telugu Wikipedians (HMTV, May 30-31,
2013). Watch the video:

● Wikipedia Live Phone-in Programme (HMTV, June 1, 2013). T. Vishnu
Vardhan took part in a one hour live phone-in programme on Wikipedia.

● Wiki donors (by Akhila Seetharaman, TimeOut Bengaluru, June 21,
2013). T. Vishnu Vardhan and Dr. U.B. Pavanaja are quoted. Link:

● Kannada Wikipedia Workshop at Hasan (Prajavani, June 5, 2013). Dr.
U.B. Pavanaja conducted the workshop on June 4, 2013. Link:

● Kannada Wikipedia Workshop at Hasan (Samyukta Karnataka, June 5,
2013). Dr.  U.B.Pavanaja conducted the workshop on June 4, 2013. Link:

● Kannada Wikipedia Workshop at Hasan (Vijaya Karnataka, June 5,
2013). Dr. U.B.Pavanaja conducted the workshop on June 4, 2013. Link:

● Wiki Rahasya: Panel Discussion (Suvarna News, June 13, 2013). Dr.
U.B.Pavanaja participated in a panel discussion around Wikipedia in
general and about Kannada Wikipedia in specific. Link:

■ Blog Entry

● Wikipedia Visual Editor (by Nitika Tandon, June 27, 2013). Link:

● My First Wikipedia Training Workshop – Theatre Outreach Unit,
University of Hyderabad (Organized by A2K team, attended by T. Vishnu
Vardhan) Link:

Wikimedia Foundation has funded A2K to anchor the growth of Wikimedia
movement in India. The A2K team consists of three members based in
Bangalore: T. Vishnu Vardhan, Dr. U.B. Pavanaja and Subhashish
Panigrahi and one member Nitika Tandon in Delhi. Archives of our
newsletters can be accessed here
( Wikipedians from various
communities can request for outreach programs, technical bugs,
logistics-merchandize and media, public relations and communications

■ About CIS

The Centre for Internet and Society is a non-profit research
organization that works on policy issues relating to freedom of
expression, privacy, accessibility for persons with disabilities,
access to knowledge and IPR reform, and openness (including open
government, FOSS, open standards, etc.), and engages in academic
research on digital natives and digital humanities.

■ Follow us elsewhere
● Twitter:
● CIS group on Facebook:
● Visit us at:

■ Support Us

Please help us defend consumer / citizen rights on the Internet! Write
a cheque in favour of ‘The Centre for Internet and Society’ and mail
it to us at No. 194, 2nd ‘C’ Cross, Domlur, 2nd Stage, Bengaluru –
5600 71.

● Request for Collaboration:

We invite researchers, practitioners, and theoreticians, both
organisationally and as individuals, to collaboratively engage with
Internet and society and improve our understanding of this new field.
To discuss the research collaborations, write to Sunil Abraham,
Executive Director, at [hidden email] or Nishant Shah, Director –
Research, at [hidden email]. To discuss collaborations on Indic
language wikipedia, write to T. Vishnu Vardhan, Programme Director,
A2K, at [hidden email]

CIS is grateful to its donors, Wikimedia Foundation, Ford Foundation,
Privacy International, UK, Hans Foundation and the Kusuma Trust which
was founded by Anurag Dikshit and Soma Pujari, philanthropists of
Indian origin, for its core funding and support for most of its

Subhashish Panigrahi
Programme Officer, Access To Knowledge
Centre for Internet and Society

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