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CIS-A2K January Newsletter

Ananth Subray
Dear All,

We are glad to inform that CIS-A2K has published our newsletter for January


   - *Mini MediaWiki Training Theni:* Indic TechCom members and CIS-A2K
   decided to reach out to students with the Computer science background and
   help them understand how to contribute on MediaWiki. As a pilot project,
   we reached out to Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering and Technology
   and organised a two-day long Mini MediaWiki training for the students on
   22nd and 23rd of January 2019.

   - *Marathi Language Fortnight Workshops: * CIS-A2K started collaborating
   with State language dept. in 2017. In the first series
   <> of workshops, we conducted three
   workshops. In the second series <> in
   2018, we conducted six workshops out of a total of 17 workshops conducted
   across the state. In the year 2019, the awareness spread to more
   educational institutions located in different regions of the state.
In this third
   series <>, CIS-A2K conducted five
   workshops out of a total of 21 workshops
   - *Wikisource training Bengaluru: * During the Indic Wikisource
   Community Consultation at Kolkata, India on 24–25 November 2018,User
   :Shubha requested to conduct a Wikisource specific Workshop for
Sankrit Wikisource
   Team at Bengaluru Samkrit Bharati. The CIS-A2K Team conducted a workshop
   for Sanskrit Community at Bengaluru, Karnataka on 23 - 24 January 2019.
   - *TWLCon (2019 India): * TWL Con or the Wikipedia Library conference
   was supported by the CIS-A2K. The aim of the conference was to spread
   awareness about TWL among the Indian languages community, understand and
   identify different challenges of the movement in India.
   - *1lib1ref session at Goa University: * Marathi language department and
   faculty from other languages organised the #1lib1ref event at Goa
   University. The practice of Marathi typing in Unicode was carried out
   through preparing articles as a Word document. The students selected the
   articles on the history of Goa, writers & artists of Goa, Tourism in Goa
   and villages in Goa. Total of 37 editors actively participated in the
   workshop. They learnt basic editing skills, adding references and uploading
   on Commons.
   - *Punjabi Wikimedians meetup: * Punjabi Wikimedians had an online
   meeting on 27 January 2019. 11 participants joined this meeting.

*Upcoming Events: *

   - *Project Tiger Community Consultation: * Project Tiger Community
   Consultation is a consultation program that will take place on 2-3 March
   2019 at Chennai (most probably).
   - *Gujarati Meetup & Workshop, Ahmedabad: * CIS-A2K along with the
   Gujarati Wikimedia community is planning the Gujarati Wikisource Workshop
   and Gujarati Wikimedia Meetup in Ahmedabad. The goal of the meetup is to
   introduce Wikisource and help the community better understand the scope and
   future of Wikisource.
   - *Train the Trainer-2019(Bids): **The bids for Train-the-trainer
   program 2019 has already taken place. Currently, the jury members are
   deciding the place for the TTT 2019. TTT 2019, the 6th iteration of the
   Train-the-trainer program. *

You can find the meta version of the newsletter at:

Thanks and Regards,


MSc Candidate at CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Programme Associate at The Centre for Internet & Society

Secretary of Wikipedia & Education User Group

Co-founder of Lakshya

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