Can I interview you about the deletion process on EN-WP?

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Can I interview you about the deletion process on EN-WP?

Jodi Schneider-3
Hello (and please pardon the crossposting),

I am a Ph.D. researcher at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute in Galway, Ireland. My Ph.D. topic is online discussions, specifically the reasoning and arguments people use. I am currently studying Articles for Deletion in English Wikipedia, to understand how article deletion decisions are made.

I am working on a prototype argument assistant to help newcomers understand what kinds of arguments make sense, much in the way that the Article Wizard provides guidance for creating an article. From reading discussions, I am learning what kinds of arguments people use in AfD, especially to see what comments advance the discussion. Next I need to get some perspectives from editors!

I'm looking for Wikipedians to interview about the deletion process. I envision a 30 minute skype or phone conversation. I'm interested in learning about what works well in AfD discussions, any frustrations you have with it, and why you generally do or don't !vote in AfD.

I hope to talk with Wikipedians with a wide variety of experience editing (from newcomers to EN-WP, to regular EN-WP editors, to admins, especially admins who close discussions), with people who spend little time commenting in deletion discussions, as well as those who do.

Would you be willing to talk with me? Let me know the best times for you; you can reach me at [hidden email] or with the info below.

-Jodi Schneider
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