CfP CIDOC abstracts Provenance of Knowledge, Heraklion 30sep-4Oct 2018

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CfP CIDOC abstracts Provenance of Knowledge, Heraklion 30sep-4Oct 2018

Trilce Navarrete
Dear all,

I am wondering if anybody would be interested in proposing a Wikidata
mapping using CIDOC CRM.  Heraklion, where the conference will take place,
is a CRM centre where lots of LOD specialists will join.

I would be happy to answer any questions


**CIDOC 2018 Call for Papers* OPEN UNTIL February 28, 2018Now through
February 28, we are accepting proposals for presentations, workshops, and
case studies for the International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC) of
the International Council of Museum’s (ICOM) annual conference. Every year,
the CIDOC conference brings together museums and cultural heritage
professionals and researchers together in a dynamic, common forum to share
knowledge and experience, to gain new perspectives and to make new
connections. The theme of this year’s conference is Provenance of
Knowledge. Visit the CIDOC 2018 Call for Papers page for submission
guidelines and selection criteria:
<>This year’s conference will be held
in the historical seaside city of Heraklion, Crete in Greece from the 29th
of September until the 4th of October. The conference offers a full
programme of sessions and working groups offering new perspectives and
hands on learning experiences. Conference participants, moreover, will have
the chance to experience the museological, historical and natural wealth of
Crete through a full cultural programme, including a visit to the
archaeological site of Knossos, palatial capital of the ancient Minoan
civilization.The thematic focus of the conference is ‘the Provenance of
Knowledge.’ As an essential aspect of documentation, Provenance of
Knowledge refers to the work of tracing the origins of the information and
knowledge about an object, an entity or an idea in order to reconstruct the
whole chain of creation, use, interpretation and dissemination of this
knowledge. The aim of such reconstruction is to confirm or disconfirm,
illustrate, and draw upon the information contained in documentation in
order to facilitate understanding across cultures and time. Work on
provenance of knowledge by different professionals from different
perspectives helps draw together the various threads of documentation,
scholarship and the material evidence kept in museums and other memory
institutions into a common resource for humankind.The task of validating
the information and knowledge held in memory institutions is increasingly
aided by the use of digital technologies in documentation. Such advances,
however, bring their own difficulties, as the abundance of the available
information makes it difficult to introduce standards and processes to
model and maintain the development and validity of documented information.
Therefore, perspectives on unravelling the complications of digital
provenance of knowledge are particularly welcome.The 2018 CIDOC conference
aims at supporting museums and memory institutions in the task of
documentation by deepening our common understanding of the challenges of
provenance of knowledge and the importance of documentation as a means of
knowledge preservation, dissemination and exchange between peoples and
across time.You are, therefore, warmly welcomed to share your insight into
the questions of provenance of knowledge and documentation generally with
the documentation community of CIDOC that will be gathered on the beautiful
island of Crete, Sep. 30 – Oct. 5, 2018.Visit the CIDOC 2018 Call for
Papers page for submission guidelines and selection criteria: <>*

Trilce Navarrete

m: +31 (0)6 244 84998 | s: trilcen | t: @trilcenavarrete
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