CfP SEMANTiCS (formerly known as I-SEMANTICS) September 4-5, 2014

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CfP SEMANTiCS (formerly known as I-SEMANTICS) September 4-5, 2014

Sebastian Hellmann
<imap://[hidden email]:143/fetch%3EUID%3E.Drafts%3E14116?part=1.2&filename=cc81ce36d80bcaad222b2fc1c3e9cdf556c5b101><imap://[hidden email]:143/fetch%3EUID%3E.Drafts%3E14116?part=1.2&filename=cc81ce36d80bcaad222b2fc1c3e9cdf556c5b101>

  Call for Participation SEMANTiCS 2014

Transfer // Engineering // Community

10th International Conference on Semantic Systems (formerly known as

Leipzig, Germany, September 4-5, 2014

Towards Engineering of Information Machines - We believe that semantic
technologies are mature enough to dare the jump from research to
engineering. We would like to invite you to Leipzig, Germany to explore
with us best practices in engineering semantic systems.

*Important Information (to help you prepare):*

  * The *deadline *for scientific papers will be *May 30th*a separate
    call for papers will be announced soon.
  * SEMANTiCS 2014 will be co-located with
      o September 3: 2nd DBpedia Community Meeting:
      o September 2: Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises
        (MLODE 2014)
      o September 1-3: More workshops, meetings, tutorials
  * Workshop, Community Meetings and Challenges: We have a total of
    three days reserved for additional meetings, tutorials and workshops
    for September 1 - 3. If you are interested in a free room (coffee
    included), please send an email to the Chair of the Organising
    Committee, Ricardo Usbeck

The annual SEMANTiCS conference (formerly known as I-Semantics) is the
meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work and
understand the benefits and discuss how to overcome its limitations.
Every year, SEMANTiCS attracts information managers, IT-architects,
software engineers, and researchers, from organisations ranging from
NPOs, public administrations to the largest companies in the world.
Attendees learn from industry experts and top researchers about emerging
trends and topics in semantic software, enterprise data, linked data &
open data strategies and methodologies in knowledge modeling and text &
data analytics. The SEMANTiCS community is very diverse; attendees have
responsibilities in a range of areas, including knowledge management,
technical documentation, e-commerce, big data analytics, enterprise
search, document management, business intelligence, and enterprise
vocabulary management.

SEMANTiCS 2014 in Leipzig continues our long tradition of bringing
together colleagues from around the world to present papers, panels,
exhibitions and posters, to discuss best practices of semantic systems
in birds-of-a-feather sessions and exchange knowledge further in
informal settings. SEMANTiCS addresses problems common among information
managers, software engineers, IT-architects and various specialist
departments working to develop, implement and/or evaluate semantic
software systems.

The SEMANTiCS program is a rich mix of technical talks, panel
discussions of important topics, and presentations by people who are
ambitious to make information machines work - just like you. In
addition, attendees can network with experts in a variety of fields.
These relationships provide great value to organisations as they
encounter subtle technical issues. The expertise gained by SEMANTiCS
attendees has a long-term impact on their careers and organisations.
These factors make SEMANTiCS the premiere event for our community.  The
following 'horizontals' (topics) and 'verticals' (industries) are mainly

  * Business Models, Governance & Data Strategies
  * Knowledge Discovery & Intelligent Search
  * Data Integration & Enterprise Linked Data
  * Big Data & Text Analytics
  * Data Portals & Knowledge Visualisation
  * Document Management & Content Management
  * Terminology, Thesaurus & Ontology Management

  * Industry & Engineering
  * Life Sciences & Health Care
  * Public Administration
  * Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums (GLAM)
  * Media, Publishing & Advertising
  * Financial Industry
  * Telecommunications
  * Energy

We encourage participants to submit proposals for workshops, thematic
focus and special programmes and events in contacting anyone from the
SEMANTiCS Organising Committee:

Call for Industry Presentations and Research Papers as well Posters and
Demos will be announced at <> soon.

Transfer: Research and experts meet industry, industry meets experts and
research. SEMANTiCS is the place to exchange (project) ideas based on
best practices and to learn more about the various perspectives one can
have on probably the most valuable resources of our days: data &

Engineering: Software providers, developers and IT-architects meet
research and (potential) users from industry. SEMANTiCS is the place to
dive deep into semantic web and linked data technologies.

Community: Make new friends and renew old acquaintances. SEMANTiCS is
the meeting place to discuss and to initiate new projects, to extend
ongoing activities, and to showcase the latest developments.

On behalf of all the people organizing SEMANTiCS 2014, we hope to see
you in September in Leipzig,
Sebastian Hellmann (AKSW, DBpedia), Harald Sack
(Hasso-Plattner-Institut), Agata Filipowska (Poznan University of
Economics), Christian Dirschl (Wolters Kluwer) and Andreas Blumenauer
(Semantic Web Company)

Sebastian Hellmann
AKSW/NLP2RDF research group
Insitute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) affiliated with DBpedia
* *21st March, 2014*: LD4LT Kick-Off
@European Data Forum
* *Sept. 1-5, 2014* Conference Week in Leipzig, including
** *Sept 2nd*, MLODE 2014
** *Sept 3rd*, 2nd DBpedia Community Meeting
** *Sept 4th-5th*, SEMANTiCS (formerly i-SEMANTICS) <>
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