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CoC amendment proposal: Appeals process

Amir Sarabadani-2
This is Amir from the CoC committee. Currently, there are two open
amendment proposals that haven't had much progress in the past years and I
would like to close them or at least make some progress. One of them in
particular is really important.

There are two major issues with the current appeal process:
* According to the CoC, the appeal body is a team in WMF that doesn't exist
anymore (for years now) [1] People in this team (who all are still working
for WMF) have moved to other teams and some haven't done anything with
technical communities for years now. We need to find an appeal body to
replace this. One suggestion is to have CRC [2] and its successor review
these cases but WMF legal should give the green light on this. Any other
suggestion is more than welcome.
* It's not clear that the appeal body would have the authority to override
the outcome of cases or they are just advisory or they are peers (they need
to discuss until there's a consensus among both).

Given the confidential nature of TCoC cases, having a robust appeal body
ensures a fair and just environment for technical contributions. Please
take a look and participate in the discussion:

Thank you very much.

Amir (he/him)
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