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Code Stewardship Review Cycle commencing...

Jean-Rene Branaa
Hello all,

It's been a little while since our last review cycle, but we're
starting one now.  The discussion period for these items will be open
until August 23rd 2019, at which point we'll look to make a decision
regarding the item's future. Please note that the Code Stewardship
review process is intended to help address un/under funded code that
is deployed to the Wikimedia production environment.

In order to simplify discussions, we've decided to move all
discussions to the relevant Phabricator tasks.

For more information about the process, please see the Code
Stewardship Review page[1].

This cycle's Code Stewardship reviews are:

- SpamBlacklist extension [2]
- Collection Extension [3]
- OAuth Extension [4]
- Nuke Extension [5]
- ShortURL Extension [6]


Jean-René Branaa (aka JR)
WMF - Release Engineering/Code Health


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