Commons app update: version 2.6

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Commons app update: version 2.6

Josephine Lim
Hi all,

We are delighted to announce that our IEG renewal application for the Commons
app <>[1] has
been approved!  Thank you so much to everyone who supported us – reading
all of the wonderful comments on our proposal has been extremely meaningful
and encouraging for us.

We have been hard at work getting version 2.6 of the app out; there was a
bit of a rocky start with the first few beta iterations, but we finally
have v2.6.5 in production. \o/

Several UI improvements have been made in the current version:

- New login screen
- New design for the list of nearby places that need pictures
- New navigation drawer design with username displayed
- The upload screen has been remodeled to include tooltips for title and
description fields, as well as an explicit copyright declaration and a link
to Commons policies
- Improved media details view with links to the selected license,
categories and image coordinates

Other improvements include:

- Category search - fixed major bugs, improved ordering and filter for
- The "nearby places that need pictures" feature has improved GPS and
refresh handling
- Several privacy improvements - new privacy policy, switched to using
Wikimedia maps server instead of Mapbox, and removed event logging
- Reduced memory leaks and battery usage; fixed multiple other crashes and
- Various improvements to navigation flow and backstack
- Added option for users to send logs to developers (has to be manually
activated by user)

For more information on the new version, recent screenshots, and
upload/deletion statistics for 2017, please see this blog post
Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions are always welcome on our GitHub page

Cheers, and happy holidays. :)

Best regards,
Josephine (@misaochan)

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