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Daniel Kinzler
Hello all

I have activated CommonsTicker [1] for a first live test at the German
Wikipedia [2] (have a look at the wiki text of the actual entries in
[3], you don't need to speak German for that). An announcement about it
is on the Village Pump [4]. After a short test run, I will set up ticker
pages on other projects on request (in cooperation with a local admin).

CommonsTicker monitors Common's RC feed and records deletion and
replacement of images, as well as deletion tags being placed on
description pages. For each project with a ticker page, CommonsTicker
then determines which images are used on that project, and posts a
notice for the local community.

I hope this will help to integrate Commons more closely with the
Wikipedia communities; I hope this will get people more involved with
commons, and gets us some help unlinking images that have to be deleted,

So, please have a look...

-- Daniel

PS: please forward this message to the mailing lists of wikimedia
projects that may be interested in a CommonsTicker page.


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