Community open letter on renaming Wikimedia

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Community open letter on renaming Wikimedia

Federico Leva (Nemo)
[To all Wikimedia projects, minus mailing lists with an active
discussion already.]

On August 2020, the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees may decide a
rename to "Wikipedia Foundation" and various other things.

Following a community meeting, a proposed open letter was written:

«We ask the Wikimedia Foundation to pause or stop its current movement
renaming activities, due to persistent shortcomings in the current
rebranding process. Future work should be restarted only in a way that
ensures equitable decision-making.»

(Sorry for the crossposting. When replying, be mindful of cc. Do
consider forwarding to language-specific discussion venues with a short
translated introduction, or translate the pages on Meta.)

        Federico aka Nemo

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