Community review for Annual Plan Grants (aka FDC) begins

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Community review for Annual Plan Grants (aka FDC) begins

Charles Andrès-2
FYI, Wikimedia CH is part of this round of APG proposal.

It's still time to join the adventure and show your support to Wikimedia CH, but remember that the Annual Plan and the Budget depicted here are 1) proposal and will need to be adjust following the FDC recommendation 2) the very core of Wikimedia CH activities, we still have of room to add volunteer driven projects, even if they are not directly aligned with the announced Programs as long as they contribute improve Wikimedia projects.

This year a multi-year funding pilot program where APG applicants can request a two-year funding commitment from the FDC, Wikimedia CH applied to be part of this program.



TL;DR: Please comment on any or all of the 11 2014-2015 Round 1 proposals
from Wikimedia movement organizations to the Annual Plan Grants program
from now til 31 October!

Greetings, Wikimedia community:

We are happy to share with you that eleven applicants have submitted
proposals in 2014-2015 Round 1 of the Annual Plan Grants (APG) process.
These Wikimedia organizations are requesting general funding to support
their annual plans, which include both programmatic and operational costs.
These eleven requests in Round 1 total about US$5.2 million of US$6 million
available in both rounds this year. In November, the Funds Dissemination
Committee (FDC) will meet to review and deliberate on these proposals. They
will make a recommendation to the WMF Board of Trustees about how to
strategically grant funds to these applicants in order to achieve the most

From now until October 31, we invite everyone to review the proposals, and
to provide thoughts and ask questions on the discussion pages of the

About community review: The APG proposal submission date on October 1 is
followed by a 30-day open comment period, when anyone is invited to provide
input on and ask questions about specific proposals on the discussion pages
of the proposal forms. Applicants are also expected to respond to input and
questions during this period, although they are not able to change the
proposal form itself after the submission date.

The FDC will review the discussion pages during their deliberations in
November as one of many inputs to the decision-making process. While anyone
can comment on proposals after the open comment period closes on October
31, the FDC may not be able to take comments made after this period into
consideration when making its decisions.

How to join in the review: Please visit the community review page to view
the proposals being considered and follow the instructions on that page.
The proposals are only available in English, but your comments on the
discussion pages can be in your own language.

Why your feedback matters: We hope that this open comment period will add
to an in-depth and robust review of each proposal. The community review
process also helps make our grantmaking transparent and collaborative. The
FDC highly values feedback and insights from the Wikimedia community in
making its funding recommendations.

Here are a few milestones to keep in mind with the FDC process:

* Proposal forms submitted: 1 October 2014
* Open comment period / Community review: 2 October 2014, until 31 October
* Staff proposal assessments published: 8 November 2014
* FDC deliberations: 15-18 November 2014
* FDC recommendation published: by 1 December 2014
* Board decision: by 1 January 2015
* Start of new grant terms: 1 January 2015

Visit for more
information about the APG program, the FDC, or the dates listed here. Please
let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about the
process. We are always happy to talk! The FDC support staff can be reached
at [hidden email]

Warm regards,

Katy Love and the FDC staff
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