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Comparison Math Rendering Options

Moritz Schubotz-2

there is now a demo that shows the rendering options of the MediaWiki
Math Extension:

The demo compares the following rendering modes:

MW_MATH_SOURCE: The plain source as entered by the author.
MW_MATH_PNG: The tex output of texvc rendered with latex.
MW_MATH_LATEXML: Texvc output converted by LaTeXML to Presentation and
Content MathML
MW_MATH_MATHJAX: The texvc tex-output displayed by MathJax
MW_MATH_LATEXML_JAX: The MathML output (from LaTeXML) displayed by MathJax.

In contrast to the current stable Math Extension the demo version
checks all user input with texvc by the before it is passed to the

Comments, feedback and questions are highly welcome.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Moritz Schubotz

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