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Couple Questions

Roger Zender

Hi there,

Sorry for some of the lame questions, but I would appreciate any responses
(personal, or to the list).  I¹m trying to do a comparative analysis of the
MediaWiki engine, to decide if it¹s right for our project.  I¹m finding some
information, but getting these answers in more laymens terms would be
extremely helpful.

I¹ve seen a couple MediaWiki pages regarding WYSIWYG editors (i.e.
FCKeditor).  I¹m curious how this would change with the release of version
MediaWiki 1.6.  Is there any talk of eventually integrating this into
MediaWIki (and if not, an explanation would be choice).  ;)

Another question would be if it is even possible to access stuff from a
MediaWiki wiki through an API on phpWiki?  (i.e. Using phpWiki and getting
stuff from Wikipedia).

Thank you very much.

~~ ~~
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