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Damned millonaires

Osvaldo Michelon
"Cuando la limosna es grande, hasta el santo desconfía"

when alms is
excessive, even the saint distrusts.

Sorry to have started my answer to this unfortunate invitation to become a 

millionaire in my own tongue

 We do no t need more millionaires except if we are talking about education, culture solidarity or goodness. 
Money an material things are finite, and if you extract some from one place, you detract it from another.
I'm annoyed of seeing this kind of advertising in MY WIKIPEDIA.
IT CAN'T BE TRUE a single word of the statement of this Reprehensible add. 
Whenever I see Free, Easy, Money Quick or at home on the sofa, know is not true what they claim. Even if it was, I'm not sure this is the path WIKIPEDIA should walk.
Please think about it; do not collaborate to promote this dirty and false kind of Ambition.
I disagree soundly with this.
Even I know my collaboration with our commitment is not important at all, I'll consider abandoning it if you don't stop or at least explain why is not an economic lie and and why you are promoting this kind of thing so far from CULTURE

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We've spent a really wonderful weekend in  a  very nice place, please  take a look  at that  http://team.encouragersclass.com/0e0f

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