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Database query for finding all articles in wiki

Homer Simpson-3

I implemented a fulltext search in wiki by using the Lucene classes to index
and search the wiki SQL Tables. At the moment I simply use the following
query to select the articles I want to search in:

"SELECT * FROM cur WHERE cur_namespace=0"

To prevent finding already deleted articles I compare the results with the
results I get using the following query:

"SELECT * FROM archive WHERE ar_title='searchterm'"

where "searchterm" is replaced once by every result I get with the first
query. I use a Java-Application to throw out all results that appear in both

But for some reason a few articles are not contained in the cur table, but
they are appearing as articles in wiki. These articles can be found in a
third table called "searchindex". I cannot use this table for searching
because its not possible to filter it by namespaces like it is in the cur

To get to the point: My problem is, that I cannot figure out a query that
selects not only all articles with a zero namespace in the cur table, but
also those which are only appearing in the searchindex table. I already
tried the query recommended by the mediawiki database documentation of the
searchindex table, but it cant find these few articles with this query

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