Debian Jessie base Wikimedia container image being phased out

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Debian Jessie base Wikimedia container image being phased out

Alexandros Kosiaris
Hello everyone,

In the interest of proceeding with the deprecation of Jessie in our
infrastructure, SRE ServiceOps will stop maintaining and eventually
remove the base Debian Jessie OCI container image[1], also known as
wikimedia-jessie, from our docker registry.

If you rely on this image in any way, you are strongly urged to move
to our Debian Stretch or Buster images, which will continue to be
maintained for some time (for more information see

A tentative timeline follows:

* 2020-07-02.
will be merged. This will mean the image will no longer be receiving
any kind of updates but will still be possible to be pulled from the
registry. Workflows are not expected to break.
* 2020-08-03. Removal of all the image tags and versions of the above
image will happen. That will mean that the image will no longer be
able to be pulled from the registry. If you have any workflows that
rely on pulling this image from the registry, they are expected to
break on this date. Images that have already been published and are
based on the Jessie image however will not be touched and will still
be pullable.

If you have a workflow that will break after the 2020-08-03 mark and
are unable to alter it, please reach out to us.

Following the above, we will also investigate whether removing image
versions and tags that depend on the removed image makes sense.

Note that this is the first time we remove a base image from our
registry and as such we are building knowledge and experience around



Alexandros Kosiaris
Principal Site Reliability Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation

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