Demo of RC-Events over XMPP

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Demo of RC-Events over XMPP

Daniel Kinzler
Hi all! For a long time I wanted a decent push interface for RC-Events. Parsing
messages on IRC is unreliable, and polling the API sucks (and is also
unreliable, see Bug 24782).

So, I have written XMLRC <> and set
up a prototype on the Toolserver - have a look at
<> for details. Basically,
you point any Jabber client to the chat room
<[hidden email]> to see the change events, like on IRC.
However, if you use a client aware of the extra data attached to the messages,
like <>, you will get
all the information you can get from the API (in fact, you can get the exact
same XML tag).

Try it out and let me know what you think!

-- daniel

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