Deployments next week (2020-06-29)

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Deployments next week (2020-06-29)

Tyler Cipriani
Hi All,

Next week is a bit of a shortened week as US Independence Day is observed
on 2020-07-03 (next Friday).

I've updated the Wikitech deployment calendar
<> to reflect that we
normally discourage deploying on the last working day of any week (aside
from emergencies

The deployment train for 1.35.0-wmf.39
<> will also be running on a
shortened schedule:

   - Tue, 30 Jun, EU Train Window, 13:00 UTC: Group0
   - Wed, 01 Jul, EU Train Window, 13:00 UTC: Group
   - Wed, 01 Jul, US Train Window, 19:00 UTC: All Wikis

-- Tyler
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