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James Forrester-4
Hey all,

The citoid service, which looks up URLs and similar strings and turns them
into citations, has moved to be accessed via RESTbase as part of
decommissioning the per-service domain system[0]. The old domain will stop
working on *1 May 2017* (just under two months from now).

In simple terms, this means that requests to citoid via… (*e.g.* [1]) now need to go to {wiki
domain}/api/rest_v1/data/citoid/… (*e.g.* [2]) to work. End-point
documentation is available in the usual place.[3]

We have already moved the automatic citation feature inside the visual
editor to use the domain. If you are responsible for a script, gadget, or
tool which is using the old domain, please switch over before the deadline.






James D. Forrester
Lead Product Manager, Editing
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
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