Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-07-03

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-07-03

Chris Koerner-2
Hello, This is the Discovery update for last week. Apologies for the
delay in getting it out.

== Discussions ==

=== Search ===
* Created a method for the Kafka consumer to take 'learn to rank'
queries from a queue and run them against ElasticSearch to generate
relevance labels [0]
* Added in the ability to use kafka in our LTRank feature generation
queries and pushing them into ElasticSearch for analysis [1]
* Added ability to extract TF and IDF based features in the
ElasticSearch 'learning to rank' plugin [2]
* A/B test still in progress 'explore similar' links, but we're
running into a few bugs that will be sorted out next week [3]
* Fixed a bug where searching for phrase queries did not highlight
page content [4]

=== Analysis  ===
* Fixed a bug with the sister project snippets and eventlogging [5]
* Finished up analysis for determining what is a reasonable per-IP
ratelimit for maps [6]
* Fixed a minor dashboard bug (splines) [7]


Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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