Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-08-21

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-08-21

Chris Koerner-2
Guten Tag,
This is the Discovery weekly update for the week of 21 August. As
always, feedback and questions are welcome.

== Discussions ==

=== Search ===
* Daniel added the ability to create derivative features in the
learning to rank plugin [0]
* Erik also built an oozie job to collect click data for the learn to
rank plugin [1]
* Jan fixed a minor UI bug with the sister project snippet display for
when TextCat determines that a user might be searching in a different
language [2]
* Trey wrote up an analysis of unexpected behavior when searching for
Japanese words on English Wiktionary. Input from Japanese speakers and
others who search for Japanese on wikis in other languages is welcome!

Some leftovers:
* Last week Trey disabled the indexing of punctuation on Chinese
Wikipedia. [4] The new language analyzer does a lot of good things,
but indexing punctuation isn't helpful and wastes a lot of space in
the index. We still need to re-index the Chinese wikis to make this
active. [5]

=== Analysis  ===
* Mikhail added map layer metrics to event logging for mapframe [6]
* Chelsy has the draft analysis ready for the A/B explore similar test [7] [8]
* Mikhail and Guillaume have been working on fixing the issue with
metrics not being available (due to a variety of reasons); it's not
completely fixed yet, but we're working on it [9]

=== Portal ===
* The Wikiversity logo was updated [10]
* The portal stats and translations were updated on Aug 24, 2017 [11] [12]

=== Maps ===
* TheDJ (community volunteer) migrated Kartographer to Leaflet 1.x as
part of the Montreal Hackathon 2017 [13]

== Did you know? ==
* You can activate ''all'' the possible search result options
(spelling correct, offer to create the page, a local result, sister
project results, and cross-language results) with the query ''max
planck wissenschaftliche sich night'' on English Wikipedia—it's too
much search awesomeness for one page to contain! And it's why we need
to figure out a general framework for dealing with everything before
adding more options, like "wrong keyboard" detection [14] [15]
* Everyone is encouraged to upload pictures of the solar eclipse from
Aug 21, 2017 to Wikimedia Commons. If you have pictures, share; if you
want to see some great pictures, there are already many there! [16]



The archive of all past updates can be found on

Interested in getting involved? See tasks marked as "Easy" or
"Volunteer needed" in Phabricator.


Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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